Love and Bruises


She waited,

Emotionally drained,

Physically pained,

But still captivated.


Time freeze,

She found him in the breeze,

 She knew she was going to be fine,

But a shadow covered his shine,

She didn't want to whine. 


Her face was painted,

Heart tainted,

Hope begin to fade.

Blood is all she tasted,

On the grave he made her spirit lay.


Road began to fog,

Her nerves appear,

She lost him in the rain.

Now she's lonely in the wind,

In memory of her bind.


She lays emotionless,

In total hopelessness,

Finding it hard to find peace,

In this heat.


He returns merely,

Raising his hand daringly,

As she embraces despairingly,

But she will be okay.

As long as he's by her side,

It will take away the pain.


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