Don't forget where you came from,
But remember who you are today.
The trees that harvested in the fall
 are now blooming buds in the spring.

Yes we were once that person,
But that person has changed.
We have blossomed like the fig tree,
And grew large roots.
Our roots will keep us a lift,
And our branches will shield us from the harsh winds.

Our hearts might flutter during the minor Summers,
But your strength shall never alter.
No one can change you,
And love can't be masked.
Your heart and your ways,
You smile and your eyes,
Shall never be changed.

His love, your love
are all the same
when the Summer is finally at a halt.
When we say our final goodbye.
When we kiss our last kiss
And we wait for the Summer flutter to come again.

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I wrote this based on high school love, we all want to be accepted and in high school we don't know who we want to be or where we want to go in life. Having strength and not allowing anyone to force us to become something that we don't want to be is imortant.

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