It's the joy of having someone who will always stand by your side.

It's the thrill of having someone to enjoy your time with.

It's the satisfaction of rolling out of bed each day and thinking, "I'm loved."

It's a lot like sitting by a warm fireplace on an extremely cold day or...

cuddling up in bedsheets and watching childhood cartoons.

It's this warm feeling you get inside like when the sun seems to shine right through your soul.

It's a feeling you never want to go away.



It's the pain in your heart because the one you care about hurts you when you least deserve it.

It's the sadness your heart spills when you think the one you care for may not be what you thought he was.

It's the anger your heart clothes itself in because the one you care about doesn't care about himself.

It's a lot like screaming at the top of your lungs, and no one can hear you or...

crying yourself to sleep and waking up with a broken heart.

It's this crushing feeling you get inside like when you find out everything you believed was a lie.

It's a feeling you want to go away...


Love is happiness. Love is pain.

Love is sunshine. Love is rain.

Love is joy. Love is anger.

Love is beautiful. Love is danger.


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