love ?


Like climbing up a hill that you'll never reach the peak of?. Every one takes this word lightly but it hard 4 me 2 speak of. "Love" often time taken for granted. Those who are fast hearted , fall in quick n never understand it, its not about the laughs the cries or number of years. But its what keeps you together,
After it all comes tumbling down with the pain and the tears..,
C Its very easy 2 love when you got, them n they got you.
But the true test comes about when they give you every reason not 2

Then comes the silence

They say something's better than nothing,
But nothing 2 me is better
See something is only temporary
But nothing lasts forever

Pain is like a mirror ,
To accept is to look into,
You gotta face your fears
And learn from what you've been through
If you never c your reflection
you never reach your acceptance
Then you continue as a victim of a
misused lessons

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