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Our view of love is like a rose

Beautiful in warm weather, turning brittle in the cold which soon dies as the cold air pierces its brittle walls. . .

like knives.


                                                        it's so much more than that.

Love is like the sun: Beautiful, bright something that brings warmth and light to everything it touches.

As soon as you think it's gone it's back, 

                                                     because it never left.

Love is like the moon: it permeates something that's dark, terrifying, and fearful, absolutely stunning

with its white, warm light. 

Love placed the twinkling stars in the night sky,

so even when the moon is hiding,

                                                    they'll always be there.

Love does not die.

                                                    Love does not


We simply have to open our eyes to the 



                                                       and Stars.




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