I don't believe in "love"

    I don't believe in soulmates 

    The way others do

I don't think any relationship is perfect 

     I think "love" is a tired subject 

I think too many people spend too long 

    Obsessing over "love"

I wish "love" would disappear 



   I do believe in a feeling that can make someone do crazy things 

          Like jump off a building

          Like hang themselves 

              Like ditch all the values they know to be true 


   I also believe in a feeling 

   A feeling that can make someone sick 


   A feeling that can drive someone to stay 


   A feeling that can bring hope 

   A feeling that can resist all temptations

   A feeling that overcomes all battles 

   I believe in that feeling 


   I don't believe in "love"

   The "love" society wants us to feel 

           The "love" society has 


   The "love" we think we know 


I don't believe in the "love" that only 

 lasts a day 

I don't believe in the "love" that cheats 

 in any way 

I don't believe in selfish "love" 

I don't believe in the "love" on T.V. 

I don't believe in the "love" others portray 

     I don't believe it works 

 quite that way 


I think this feeling 

   Needs to be treated like a child 

It needs to be brought up 

   It needs patience 




You need to show this feeling that you would

    Do anything for it

It will need time and space as it grows older 

       But NEVER 

         Abandon this feeling 

Because it needs to grow 

   With you 

You must teach it 

Be an example 

Show it how you think it should act 

Keep it fed 


Watch as it grows and becomes something

        Unique and strange 


        Ultimately the best thing you have 

               Ever created 


Because this feeling 

     Lasts forever 

     It is constant 

     It is a circle 

     It bounces and reflects and shines 

It's everywhere 

In everything 

In everyone 

Sometimes hiding 

Sometimes hurting 

Because like a child 

       If you abuse this feeling 

       It can become afraid 





This feeling is sensitive 

    It is bold 

    It is loud

This feeling is cautious 

    It is headstrong 

    It is stubborn

This feeling is insane

    It is calm

    It is wise

This feeling is within the grass at our feet

It is in our very meat

It is the warmth of the sun

   The blaze of the heat

It is the shock of rain drops

From clouds in the sky

It is the wind

    Brushing across our cheeks

It is the beating of our hearts




It is the whirring of our minds

     Buzz, buzz, buzz


You cannot see this feeling


    You cannot see happiness

    You cannot see anger

    You cannot see sadness

Like any other feeling

   It is there

You just cannot see it

  But have faith


One day

You will realize you've had this feeling

All along


You will forget the "love" you had

     With him

     With her

     With them


You will replace your abuse with new




You will grow

You will be nurtured

As you raise this feeling

Because this feeling is not just there

    It is created



     Are the creator of REAL love


    Can make


This poem is about: 
Our world


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