Love is beyond belief.

You may not believe me

If I told you all the things love causes,

That "because I love you" causes,

Good and bad of course.

Love comes in both these forms afterall

And you cannot choose which comes first 

Nor can you predict which comes next

It is possible to become good at catching

All the things love throws your way.

You should always try to catch it

Because it can be a good thing

Just as often as it could be a bad thing.

Two can catch more than one,

So you will find someone to hold the basket with

Which you will use to catch all these things.

You will learn to time your steps better.

But you two will also realize that the basket limits

Each of you

And the two of you will get rid of the basket

And each catch on your own.

This too leads to a realization.

You cannot carry this all on your own!

You two come together again

To ease the weight on your heavy arms and shoulders

But really to figure out a better way to catch these things.

Love makes you leave

But it is with the chance you two can meet again

That this absence is worth its loneliness.

The effort on both sides is essential,

As is the trial and error.

Love is beyond belief

But not once you are in it.

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Our world


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