(poems go here) They say "love is the root of all things evil"
But what if that root of love
It yields a beautiful rose bud
Honestly can you look upon that little face
Straight into these innocent eyes and say "evil"?

They say "love can never change"
But if I remember correctly there are 3 kinds
3 kinds of love each with a different idea
And lets say you grew up, marry your best friend.
Didn't that brotherly love change to romantic love?

They say "If you love them once you always will"
But lets use our imagination say the guy you loved for years
He turns into a drunk and starts beating you.
When you finally get the strength to leave
Can you look in my eyes and say "I still love him"?

They say "love is the answer to everything"
Now lets just pretend your parents never gave you love
And everyday you asked yourself why.
Is finding love going to answer that question?
NO. And a lack of love --- its still love---- and it poses questions.

I say "love is what you make it.Make it worth wild."
Because love isn't the root of all things evil.
And love its mold able, it can change
So if you love someone now, you may not always.
And remember love ------ its not always the answer.


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