The wind guides the bayou’s surface

dancing in rippling patterns,

they masquerade around the trees’

and whistle a soft tune.

Crickets applaud. Ducks rally.

Cold water caresses rough scutes

then quickly whisks into narrow open mouths.

Jaws capture a paddling duckling,

loose feathers join the watery graveyard.

Thrumming of rain ricochet off

abandoned canoes.

Canoes squatting dragonflies’ now call home.

Bullet body, bulging eyes 

and a whiplike tongue.


An unsuspecting mosquito expires.

Vast Cypresses ingest the sunlight,

keeping the lively dwelling murky.

Moss stretches down to touch passing fishermen,

as gentle as a mother's kiss.

Night dominates

the sky.

Owls sing symphonies,

bobcats wait for them to miss

a note.

The stars smile at 

their reflection in the water.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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