Loud Lead to the Love of Poetry

Thu, 06/27/2013 - 23:05 -- KLBowen

Before ink spat from my pen...

It was like a life with no love,
a heartbeat with no blood,
yet it came to me slapping!
Tearing my ears open with such

It was an eagle with no wings
a mouth with no tongue,
yet it came to me screaming!
A beckon that God knows I couldn't

It was a mirror carrying a pretty face
but both knew it wouldn't last.

But then…

The speakers got louder,
I needed the pulse of the crowd,
and the screaming to where my voice became

Oh, heavy metal sang to me at last
to tell me to finally get a grip!
Make a stand!
Rip your heart out!
Sew it back in!


For that...is where it would all begin.


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