Lost in Translation

Fri, 06/28/2019 - 00:41 -- Bluetwo

A Christian boy in love with another...         is it really against the rules? I first realized three years ago, as        I was sitting in my chemistry class,    that the boy next to me was                                        c u t e as it says, "man shall not lay with man",   and yet the laws of my heart said otherwise.          But the books                       ... dis agree...  I prayed-       -so hard-               -looking for answers        A  m   I                        a contradiction?             an abomination?                     a disgrace?     S  l  o  w  l  y            s  l  o  w  l  y     I found them,          strung between mouths and hearts and                    l i f t i n g    u p                             like birds in flight.      Singing the songs we ignored An all loving God? that hates                                    how His child was made?Our answer:                 No. An all loving God with a miscommunication         A holy war of                         hearts and                                      minds,     ancient words,                    modern dreams; Translations, translations,                      versions, versions;            Each one disagrees with each other      And yet He always                says, to "love your neighbor as yourself"     Something got lost in translation.  I am at peace now with God given answers       Love is not sin, if I love                it comes from a heart                       which my God has made.If I am at peace        love is the answer, for the Poor   the Widowed        the Disabled             the Marginalized And the Queer.  

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I have a poem I wrote already that I based this on, posted on my Instagram (@jacgrad).

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