Lost in the Labyrinth of Anxiety

I don’t need their hypocrisy

Nor their drugs

Or more therapy

All I need is for someone to free me from this hell I'm living

This chaos erupting from inside of me as my inner demons try to chain me down.

Is not called living

Irregular heartbeats and the feeling of worrying excessively is my daily routine,

But everything changed that September day.

Everything I felt was magnified.

My lungs felt like they were about to explode,

and all I could do was glare at the clock.

I couldn’t stay still, but I was too afraid to move from my seat

As the class room walls were closing on me.

My hands got so sweaty that I held it tighter and tighter

as my nails digged deeper into my skin.

I sat there lost and delirious

As the blood stained the sheet

My hands were trembling,

but I held that pencil like my last resort

My last hope.

Every breath I took had some type of venomous toxic,

But every word that I wrote became a beautiful Symphony

that with its melody it slowly made my anxiety drift away

Spellbound and captivated by each written word

I became enchanted by it all

And for the first time in forever

I felt more alive than ever.

Going through a panic attack is a terrifying sensation,

but somewhere in the midst of everything

I found myself

I found myself out of that labyrinth and found myself in a kingdom by the sea

From that day on poetry become a part of me

It became my only way out this labyrinth of anxiety

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