Lost Innocence

A young girl just the age of six

Awakes one Friday morning

Happy to begin her day

Her mind she'll be exploring.


She combs her curls and says goodbye

To her mother dear

"This afternoon the weekend comes

And I'll be waiting here."


She leaves her house with thoughts of fun

And plans made with her friends

She must turn in her homework sheet

Before the school day ends.


The teacher claps and they all look,

"Hey children listen y'all."

Her voice is interrupted by

A shout heard down the hall.


The classroom door flies open and

Reveals an angry man

He pulls a gun and points it at

Her friend, Daniel Barden.


Screams are heard around the room

As he lets loose two more rounds

Her heart beats fast and she feels faint

As she crumples to the ground.


Laying there among the dead

Her friends and teacher too

She cries for mommy quietly and

Does not know what to do.


The police rush in and look around

Their faces pale as ash

They shout some orders down the hall

And grab her in a flash.


Racing through the doors she sees

Her mother straight ahead

"Mommy I'm okay" she says

"But all my friends are dead."


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