for the lost girl

she walks alone.

familiar faces surround her,

but yet she is filled

with an unavoidable sadness,

solitude so profound

that most days

she hardly realizes how lost she is.


she is told she is 





the words come from those

closest to her, 

the ones who are supposed to 

love her,

protect her,

cherish her,

without any boundaries, come what may.


how is she expected to reconcile

what she knows is true

with what her loved ones have told her 

since the very beginning?

how can she know

who to trust anymore?


she will find her faith.

she must.

it is crucial for her to see

that this world is one that she belongs in,

that this world is a place where she can live her life

however she wants.

however she is.

regardless of what others may say.


for now,

she walks alone.

but all paths come to an end

some day.


Âsmä Màhám

Great !


thank you !!


this is really pretty !


thank you, I'm glad you like it!

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