Lost Connection

You know I think it's kind of funny

How we say, almost excessively,

that are now a more connected humanity

in this, the "amazing" 21st century.

I mean, "We're more connected than ever!", right?

But have we ever thought about that phrase we recite?

Have we considered if it is even right?


Dear Society, if we are so connected, then riddle me this,

Why do we so easily dismiss

The very ones you say we are "so" connected with?

Let's look at the evidence.


Exhibit A, we cannot make eye contact because it is uncomforting

To not have a screen separating

An image from a living, breathing, human being.


Exhibit B, we put headphones in our ears constantly

Because we want to disconnect audbily,

From this, our shared reality.


Exhibit C, we try to have as many friends as possible,

Yet no one knows us beyond a profile.

Or maybe some so, but we are blinded by self-exile.


It's no wonder why 1 in 5 teens is now suffering from depression,

Because they feel no one is showing them true affection.

It's not hard to reach that kind of conclusion

When emojis and GIFs are the extent of our emotions

And our self-worth is based on how much and how often we are posting.

I mean if strangers are my "friends" and haters are my "followers"

Why should I even bother?

If I can't have someone who I can love and who loves me back,

Is the highlight of my life a 100 day streak on SnapChat?


Can you not see that humanity is broken?

Obviously some of you still can't

Because I am not the first to write this type of a rant.

But I will add my voice to their collective chant

Because if we speak a little louder,


Maybe we can overpower

the chains that come with your Facebook browser.


Now I hope I have explained myself clearly

Because the point of this poem is for you to see

How the main role of technology

And how it is viewed in our society

Has changed dramatically.

what once was a tool is now a lifestyle,

But soon enough, it may. just. become. Life.


Now that, to me, is a frightening realization

Because I believe that we are all God's creation

and with that truth comes a proclamation

That we are meant for so much more than Earth's expectation.


So please, if you are still listening to me,

Don't live your life through a portable screen,

But take a minute to look up and be truly seen.


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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