Lost Childhood- My sexual assault story


Clammy palms, Closing throat

Why didn’t I know?

I saw the clues but I would’ve never imagined this dude

Pressing himself onto me like I’m just a hot piece of meat

Why can’t I see?

Why can’t I breathe?

My innocence fading away like Spiderman in the Infinity War

My dignity swiped like a credit card at a store

I finally realized: I’m not a kid anymore

When I close my eyes to dream at night,

I can feel his breath all over me as I lose my sight

I can feel his hands grabbing me in places I never knew I even had

Hearing his voice like an annoying TV ad

Aren’t I supposed to feel glad?

At least I wasn’t raped, so Why do I feel like a dead body draped?

Why do I have to suffer? I’m tougher…

Wayyy tougher than this, Man… I’m pissed

How did I miss this?

I was so naive, thinking “Nothing can happen to me”

Girl, Please

My life ain’t never been no breeze

But come on, you can’t keep wearing your heart on your sleeve

Letting people poke at it like it’s some sample meat

Go get what you need

Go out and become all that you want to be

Cause now I know, some people aren’t who they seem

But pain is what made me truly grow…


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