Ms. Nancy the greatest gift in the world God can every give anyone is a mother without them it feels like the sun won't shine the moon wont glow as if the world stop completely.

When its dark and we close our eyes we cant see anyone or anything. When we close our eyes and we open our hearts and minds we can imagine the most beautiful moments every.
That we shared with the most precious people in our life

When we are young our mothers are the wind that keeps our kite flying high. The umbrella that protects us from the rain. The qualities that have been instilled in you by your mother will last forever from the strength that you use to handle any pressure to the cougar she built in you to face any fear. And the faith to know all will be fine even when you cant see it will always be there. When ever you are feeling down just think back on those good smiles and laughs that made it feel like you found a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow

May the lord Relieve the troubles of your heart and free you from any anguish.

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