i thought i lost you but i realized 

i lost someone that wasn't even mine

it was hard to lose you


losing you changed me ive been quiet 

and dis tempered i try to avoid all my friends

I started to drink allot, and i don't remember the last time

I felt a connection by someone, I lost you I realized that

but what i didn't think is that i lose myself to 


I try and stay busy but every time

I pause to take a break I still think 

about you I just wish I could lose 

the feeling as fast as I lost you


I hurt and I cry but you 

cant see the depression in

my eyes because all I do 

is smile and fake all of it


when i first saw you i was 

afraid to see you

when i first heard your voice

i was afraid to lose that sound


each night i put my face in my pillow

i try to tell myself that i am strong

because give gone one more day 

without you in my life


i will never regret you

or say that i wish i never met you

because you were just what i needed


the feeling of losing you hurts 

sad music helps

to make it worse 

i still listen to it everyday

to make me realize what i lost

fake the whole world i am alright

making it way worse than to fight

a cut heals in a week or month

broken heart still bleeds on every

breath, promise and on trust


why do i think about you

when i know your not thinking of me

the truth is i stopped talking  to you 

not because i don't like you anymore

but because i thought i was annoying


and I'm just waiting for you

to say that you miss me

because i miss you everyday

every hour of every minute of every second


I am lost without you in my life 

but i guess moving on is the best

piton for me right now 




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