Never does the swinging stop

Always back and forth

Left to right

I’m treading for my life now,

Believe me.

Oh how long can I

Keep up this breathing?

Not much longer I would


For it seems to choke tighter

With every time I blink.

My body is numb and I’m

Cold as cold as cold

Can be

And this is taking much longer than I hoped.

Opiates just aren’t the lovely

Escape that they used to be.

They are no longer the way out

I so desperately desire.

But almost anything would be better

Than dangling from this pathetic wire.

Now my legs and arms are broken down

With envy for the solid ground.

But oh,

Sweet salvation soon

Will be mine.

Death just has to take me this time.

Now slowly, slowly,

Ever so slowly

My struggling ceased

And sick gasps surrendered

To all the sounds of the darkest night.

And there I will hang

As a constant reminder

Of all the young lives

That over the years,

Has come to an untimely


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