The Loss of Innocence


A calm before the storm

Like drifting in the eye of a hurricane

A peace in the school of children

A man breaks through the wall of serenity

Trailing Death and Destruction in his wake

With a mind warped with violence

To create a murderer

Like a switch a change is made

The children's laughter transform to screams

Thunder rumbles through the hallways as they scramble

Desperate to escape

Gunshots echo in the heads of babes

So many fly through the air thick with fear and pain

Children cry out in terror and agony

Blood paints the walls

And tells a heartbreaking story

So much blood

So much death

One man took twenty-six lives

One man stole the precious innocence of children

One man committed the ultimate act of evil

To take a life is shocking enough

Let alone twenty-six

To harm a child is sickening

Let alone claim their lives

No one can imagine the horror they faced

You look at their beautiful faces and scream

Scream at the injustice of this

You cry in agony at such a loss

You stare at their sweet frozen smiles

Eyes glinting with the joy that only children can feel

You can't wrap your mind around it

So many families in mourning

I pray for them all

Noah, Charlotte, Jack,

Olivia, Dylan, Catherine, 

Avielle, Jessica, James,

Josephine, Caroline, Benjamin,

Chase, Ana, Daniel,

Grace, Emilie, Madeleine, and Allison

Lives ened far to soon

Bright futures extinguished

I pray for the loving teachers

Anne, Victoria, Lauren,

Rachel, Mary, Dawn, and Nancy

People willing to do anyhting to protect their children

Willing to give their very lives

Let us pray

Let us heal

Let us hope

For a better future

For a world that isn't cloaked in darkness,

With people lurking in the shadows waiting to act on their sick desires of murder

Just let us...

Let us live

In honor of those we lost

Living in our hearts for all eternity

Those that will never fade from our memory

Those that await us with open arms in Heaven






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