Losing Myself and I


When the light from the Moon shines down on the clouds,

And the glow gives a silver sillouette to the grass,

I cannot help but stare at it's beauty,

And begin my adventure back to the past.

The cool night air is like a blanket when it surrounds me,

And the shimmering droplets of dew on my face crystallize into clear ice,

I wonder if it has always been like this,

That in the darkness of each night a frightened girl pays her price.

The night seems to last a lifetime and yet all too soon for me,

It ends with the coming of the Sun and it's bright, warm rays,

I've fought so hard to keep in the warmth of the dark, starry night,

That even now the morning seems like a path lead astray.

The thoughts brought about by the beauty of the night,

Wither as the humid day strains my ability to wonder,

In the heat I am lost to the purifying light of the sun,

Some of me find's their way back to that place built of storms of thunder.

The bright light vanishes slowly and the night seems darker than before,

When the Moon gave her light to me in my need,

I begin to see why everyone around me stays in the light,

I crave the easy meal she gives and suffer in my everlasting greed.

The darkest night I've seen in months, the light... where is she?

I need her now more than ever I have before,

But this moonless night wraps it's horror around me,

And soon I have strength to give no more.

I can see it all so clearly now and every part of it makes perfect sense,

Despite the tradgedies that befall a person in need,

I could have been all on my own this entire time without her,

And now I will try to stand tall upon my feet.

To my surprise it was only a minute that I had been standing tall,

That the Moon revealed her shiny self to me once more,

I did not ask why and I did not care because that was what I had needed,

And so begins the rest of my life, where I would find myself and never again feed upon her iridescent folklore.


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