Losing My Religion

Looking left and right


Your face hurting with how hard you’re squinting your eyes

tears feeling like daggers but falling like raindrops

off of that pained face

onto that pained body


It hurts so much

waking up angry

holding back screams on the bus

because no one there deserves to feel your pain

the same way you do

you don’t know if it’s possible for anyone to feel that pain

not the same way you do


The storm is constantly brewing inside

it doesn’t look like it’s going to blow over this time

no one knows what a storm is

no one to talk to about this


You find yourself banging on God’s chest while he tries to hug you

you find yourself being mad at the plants and rocks

simply because God made them

you find those dagger raindrops when you try to think of anything else

it’s so much more but it’s nothing

and it hurts so much


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