Losing My Breath

The tears I've held in for so long are all at once flowing.
I try to take a breath, but my cries only become louder. Every breath I'm not able to take makes me lose a little bit more of my mind.
Soon, air has left my lungs but the tears continue to roll down my cheeks. Now, there is a pain in my chest as I start to see stars. I'm losing too much air and I just can't breathe.
I want to cry for help, but I could only beg for the pain to stop. As I lay in the darkness I wish to leave this world. I wish for days where I don't see myself as a waste of space. I wish for people to see past my smile, and see the broken soul hidden beneath.
Suddenly I can breathe. The pain in my chest still lingers, but the tears have stopped. I've let myself be vulnerable tonight, and that is enough.
Now, I feel nothing. I feel empty inside. I stare at nothingness as the moon is replaced by the shining sun. A new day and not one wish has come true.
I go through every single day in and out of reality.
Not feeling.
Not thinking.
I am in so much pain.
I think I've gone insane.

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