Losing my all

Where did he go?

Where did he disappear to?

My two year old mind just couldn't grab the concept of losing him.

Just days before my third birthday, God took him away.

But why?

Sorrow did not eclipse my mind but it bothered me to know he was not here.

Where did she go?

Where did she disappear to?

My twelve year old mind void of any emotion.

As I saw the casket lower in the ground.

My heart running a marathon, knowing she will never come back for me.

Where did they go?

Where did they disappear to?

My sixteen year old body, lost in thought.

I've gotten used to it, it's ok.

The pain and suffering they were facing is gone.

I know I'll see them again, 


I can't forget that pang of hurt in my heart.

My loved ones are gone, and they won't come back.

I've accepted that, but I am still 

Losing my all.



This poem is about: 
My family


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