Lose The Lo-Fi


This is me with no deception

No lies, no fraud

Or distorted perception.


I’m laden with flaws

And with imperfection

But who is to say

I don’t pass the inspection.


The picture I’m painting

Is one to be adored

But I’m no supermodel

Or of high accord.


I am selfish at times,

And I hate to be wrong

I have two fake teeth

That don’t quite belong.


My hips are too wide

and my thick thighs touch,

I speak too quickly

And sometimes too much.


But hold on a second

Let’s take a quick break

To understand that these things

Are no mistake.


Each little piece of me

Fits just right

Who I am is unchangeable

And brilliant despite


The lies that society

Feeds our generation

That lead to self hate

And even starvation.


These lies destroy confidence

And originality

Such harsh judgement

Leads to fatality


Of character, persona,

And all it entails.

We lose ourselves

In pursuit of details


Possessed by the people

We see on TV

The celebrities living

Everyday flaw free.


So we filter our photos

And paint on our faces

To hide who we are

But in most cases


The person beneath

Is more than worth showing

For no one is perfect

So why not start glowing.


This is me with beauty and grace

Love, compassion

And a smiling face.


The defects I possess

I choose to embrace

And perfection is something

I no longer chase.


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tee THEEgreat

love it .


Thats awesome.


Muhammad Quadri Hossein



Lovely Lovely piece. Thank you for sharing.


Woah, this is beautiful! So inspirational!!

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