The Lord is With You


                                             In times of trial, when you can barely stand To walk among the inhabitants of the desacrated land

When the numbing pain of hopelessness threatens to take you down,

Remember the Lord is with you.

As you walk through that shadowed valley, upon your face, despair,

The world upon your doorstep, yet for you they haven’t a care,

When “our Father which art in Heaven” becomes more than a simple prayer,

Remember the Lord is with you.

For “he that asketh, recieveth,” if you only abide

And do what you need to, so you, no man can divide

It is said, If God is for us, who then can be against us?

Remember the Lord is with you.

For how can you appreciate heaven, if you don’t go through hell?

The Son of Man endured far worse, and for your sake, as well

Happiness is dependant not on your surroundings,

Remember the Lord is with you.

Faith is the key, I say, you only have to believe

That one day, for all your suffering, all those times you have grieved,

He shall look upon you, and all your tears shall be dried,

Remember the Lord is with you.

See the sparrow, how without storehouses it can survive

Do you not think you are more important than this one tiny life?

You shall be directed and protected, until you come Home,

Remember the Lord is with you.

The Lord made a promise, which He intends to keep,

That should you decide to go out and in your faith, take a leap,

And gather his people, a soul harvest shall you reap,

He will be there always, leading you from that abyss so deep,

You need not worry, and when you ask him for guidance,

Remember, the Lord is with you.





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