Look In The Mirror, What do I See?

Look in the mirror and what do I see? Follow me through this poem
and you shall see.
Through childhood, I've done things that were wrong and things that
were right. Oh wow! It's been some interesting sights.
From elementary school to a middle school teen, I was that person
that growing up that fast was a dream.
Through the days, through the weeks, my ups and downs, I
still stood my ground.
From middle school teen to high school senior. So you got to think
where to go from there?
Some trials came, yet I'm not gonna call names. Soon I was out of
being a senior to a college freshman. When the time
started, class began.
College freshman to college sophomore. Now I still stand as a sophomore.
I cried, I stressed, I prayed and I laid.
Then, later I seen a link about helping, then I said nah, it sounds a bit
crazy. Then, there I found poetry. I write, I've wrote and I've
written, I realized to get in school, it might be my way in.
I later realized that I must didn't have since, that God was trying to give
me a hint. I realized that I almost lost my relationship with God.
Not only my family was in jeopardy, but started interfering on
After the problem, I got up and pulled out my bible to pray. I realized
that I should've never let things get in control of me in any way.
As I look in the mirror, what do I see? I see a strong, bold, talented, plus
sized, funny, creative, Christian-like woman with her mind set.
Better believe, God is not through with me yet.

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