Look at Me

Look at me.

I haven’t changed.

I am not a disgrace,

nor a disappointment or an embarrassment.


Remember that time, a long time ago,

when I went up to a random couple.

I was going on and on,

about the Burmese python.

I told them how big it can get

and what it eats.


I am still the little girl who knows too much about any animal.

I am still the little girl who spends too much time in the pool.

I haven’t changed.


Look at me.

Look at my golden curls and dark brown eyes.

Look at my stubby legs and big feet.

Look at my thin lips and small nose.

I haven’t changed.


I told you my secret.

I hoped you would accept me.

I told you I was gay.


I expected too much,

I suppose.


You told me I wasn't the same.

You told me that I couldn’t be like this.

But I haven’t changed.


I wanted you to change.

You told me you didn’t love me.

You told me you haven’t changed.

And I guess you are right you haven’t,

you never did love me.


And so

I left because I realized you couldn’t give me what I needed.

I needed love.

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