look at the baby Bolt

Input the username JSP

Make it easy to underestimate

The unoriginal opening

But this account name is just token 

see, to my email.

So thats the one I chose to use

Whims that made me slip and choose

The default choice.

in the mirror thats blue.

Now I find it rather a tad bit


which is why I find myself at hault.


whats did I just just say


Its the journal of reflection

in the mirror with a particular hue.

Is it an ocean?

Is it an omage?

This username indicates a mirage.

This JSP think he can rhyme like the rest you seee.

He's already made his first error

Tell me I cant do somethin.

One time step to this I dare yah.

Dad didnt raise no bitch.


who did He raise?

who did He chose?

how did He phrase?

only to Entertain

plz bro dont taze

before i've refraimed.


Mind my rhyme 

as I mind my manners

rewriwring roems ro raggy,

raggy roo, rand random

Just like that big brown booch

taught me how to immatate

a fine pooch.

Like the G in gentetics,

THere were erors unintended

like the search engine already chosen

vroom vroom

Vroom watch as I zoom zoom

Son you're moving too fast.

SOn thats not the right path

SON you keep moving that way youre not going ot last

SON You better slow youre roll.



How long does it really take to get a 4 year degree?

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My family
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