Long Gone Friend

 Roses are red violets are blue, 

You were an absoulute blessing to my life.

But now I don't have you.

I loved our conversations as if I loved my life.

But what conversations now?

So, what life?

Long Gone Friend, Long Gone Friend.

I can't believe you're gone. I just can't understand.

Laying on my bed every night..   

Starrung at the picture we once held hands.

Hoping the sun rises receiving a text from you gets my hopes up...

but why hope when I know your text won't be next.

You had me, I had you.

You held me, I held you. 

You loved me, I loved you.

You left me.... I hate the stupid car thst hit you...

Crying without trying.

Dying and I'm not lying.

Why you? Why your 15 year old you?

I have no idea, but man do I wish this wasn't true.

Shadows appear at night near my curtains & I know it's my beautiful angel lurkin'.

First grade was a blast having you in my favorite class!

But the day I found out you passed.. I dropped my phone.. & collasped.

Please come back I need you in my life.

But yet again I remember you're with God so happy!

Therefore I change my mind..

Long Gone Friend Long Gone Friend,

Oh how I miss you, My heart now broken in two.

Our memories were LONG.

My Lilly is now GONE.

Heaven has a new FRIEND.

And that's my LONG GONE FRIEND. 


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