Long Gone

Long Gone

Maleek Mayers


Our love is in the past,

I knew it would never last...


You fooled me with your alluring looks,

Yet pretended to be all about your books...


You were so beautiful,

Which made our experiences plentiful...


Oh honey,

Why’d ya do this to me?

Now I’m lonely,

Will I ever be happy?


I truly miss you,

And I hope you can see it the way I do...


I’m all alone,

And I don’t wanna be on my own...


You know ya did me wrong,

Now I gotta sing this song...


It is all for you,

All original and true,

I miss you,

I really do...


However, I gotta get away from this madness,

And jump into the ocean to drown the sadness,

And hopefully find a fish in the sea,

Who will actually love me...


I gotta go now, I gotta move on,

I’d hate to say it, but all the love I once had for you is long long gone...



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