Long Drives, Late Nights: A Painful Infinity

Long drives

Late nights

Summer in a different way

On the highway

Fast food

Long talks

Watching the scenery go by

I drive

Radio blaring

Smile wide

We sing along

I wish we would

I wish we could

Please love me

The way you love her

Nights in your arms

Stars in our eyes

Soft kisses

Under cool sheets

Noses touch

Fingers intertwined

This is the way I wish you were mine

Time together

Makes me wish we were forever

Not a chance

We'll never dance



That's all I am

We'll never be reality

A wish lost to the stars

All this time

I wish could be ours

Two opposites

Not attracting


Your personality

Draws me closer

Please love me

The way you love her

Long drives

Late nights

I lay awake

You on my mind

Never straying

Always staying

Close to my heart

I'll do my part



Words and lives

Pain like knives

Not being with you

I want us to

Be together

For forever

Never parting

Now I'm starting


Mind racing

I'm always chasing

Something that will never be

You and me

A painful infinity

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