Long Distance Relationships

Across the country, that’s where you wait

Seeing other people in New York

I could never own you, unless I abate

Your value as an art work


But we both know that could never happen

You have lovers from all around

But we can only see you in Manhattan

And we all have to share you-but can never take you down


But your other lovers don’t bother me

It’s those people-you must understand

They see you as some masterpiece

They see you as a brand


They crowd in front of you

And salivate at your shapes

But I can see more shades of blue

And I can feel your desire to escape


But I can’t protect you, you know

They’d diagnose me as they diagnosed Gogh

I can hear you sluggishly breathe though

It wasn’t like this a century ago


So I’ll wait too, even if the distance is what I dread

soon we will reunite

And in the meantime I’ll sleep with a replica above my head

so I can dream with you, The Starry Night

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