Long Ago

long ago we knew each other

now we are nothing but strangers

how did our friendship end

we were two peas in a pod

separated at the stem

how could we end things this way

making promises to stay together

to promising to never speak to each other

how could we leave things this way

you were my best friend

we did everything together

but we separated from each other

you weren't there when i needed you most

you left me all alone

you promised you would always be their

but all you do is lie

you picked him over me

someone you have just met

over someone you have known your whole life.

everyone said you would leave me but I didn’t listen

I refused to listen to them I didn’t want to believe them  

I wanted to prove them wrong that our friendship could last

but the only thing I accomplished was looking like a fool instead

I trusted you I even loved you

you were my heart but you took that and broke it

We knew everything about each other

You were my sister, my platonic soulmate, my bestfriend

how can i just go on pretending that we that us never existed

Even tho you deserted me i still miss you I still love you

I still remember everything about you

Do you even get sad when ever our song comes on…. I do

Do you even realize that when you're upset i still want to hug you

That i wanna help make all the bad just go away

That i still put your feelings before my own .

I can't stand that i can’t stay mad at you ,

I can’t stand that I have already forgiven you

When you broke my heart, when you decided that i wasn't good enough for you

When you decided that you didn't need me anymore

When you decided that i was nothing to you

How could you do this to me

I thought this could happen to others but not us

I thought that we could never lose each other

No matter how much I hurt

I could never hate you

I could never wish anything bad upon you

Because I still love you

I still care even tho it doesn't matter

because long ago we knew each other

but now we are separated forever .



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