Lonely Weekend

Ma chérie, I am alone with thoughts of you tonight.
It is so cold and windy out here on deck,
And I wish that you were here to give me solace.
Joanna, I miss you every day of the week,
But there is something in a weekend that makes
Me miss you more than any other time.
I know it will not be long until I see you again,
But I am so impatient to be close to you.
I am spending another lonely weekend at sea.
I can barely grapple with the dreariness,
But I must endure the loneliness and keep my sanity.

I called you so I could hear your native accent,
And I shall say je t’aime before I hang up.
On this lonely weekend, I need you beside me.
My ship will soon arrive at the harbour,
And you will be there to welcome me home.
I shall stroll with you on the misty dock,
And we will watch the French waves roll to shore.
I shall feel your heartbeat when I kiss you,
And I shall miss your love when my ship departs.
I want to take you with me on my next voyage
So I can spend the weekend with the one I love.


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