Lonely Vengeance

bitter quarrel
bribed by sweet words
spoken from a man
veins that no more carry 
deoxygenated blood to my heart 
making my veins hollow
hate acts like a cycle
racing on a black track
like an instrument 
plucking the last nerve of happiness
from beneath my skkin
vengeance grew
with this child inside me
forgiveness for you
i can't seem to find
you're like a venison
i will prey on you
eat you alive
with only words and actions
you want to kill me
with your venereal disease
i'm vengeful
a strong urge
to murder
dig a hole 
bury you alive
alive but not well
leave you until you die
to burst and decay 
a whisper in my ear
a touch on my olive skin
i gave no invitation to let you in
i hide beyond my sorrowful shadows
revenge is sweet
when a woman reaches her breaking point
what was done int the dark
must soon come to light 
i'm vengeful
for you took away from me 
what was rightfully mine
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