Lonely me


I wake up every morining for school, but gess  what no one cares.

I go on to class thinking about everyone else.

I he better than me. Is she smarter than me.

i have friends indeed, do i care about them, sure yes i do, 

but it appears they do not.

I tried to spend too much time with them

what a terrible mistake did i make.

As my grades went down, theirs stayed the same.

i went from looking upon a  paper beautifully filled with A's and B's

to looking down to a paper disgracefully repleted with B's and now C's.

That's okay,that's alright

Ill dig myself out of this hole.

Dear friend i see you walking away from class.

Dont think I dont see you pushing me aside for someone else.

That's okay,that's alright

I dont need your help, because by the end of the year when whe look at those rank's

It was all simply thanks, the efforts, of lonely me.



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