lonely lighthouse with the light gone off

Things become wrong when my brain says they are. Here are a few:

When you take a shower in the late afternoon with sun and blue light pouring through the window instead of cool morning


I am not used to this afternoon warmth

So therefore it is stamped and deemed WRONG



Being alone. By myself. But only when i’m out and around

Eating a bagel down the hill and around the corner

Gas station stop

Snack stop

Supply stop



Because every action is WRONG! Every move is WRONG! I waited in line too long. I dropped the fork on the floor and had to crawl to get it. I took too long to put the change back in my wallet WRONG! TOO LONG! Hands shaking trash taken away. Making something out of nothing. Card declined buying something for five dollars. Tie my shoe in the middle of the aisle. Phone going off. Drop my phone WRONG got the wrong thing and had to return it five minutes later passed the same register worker.

Home is not wrong. I can be many things i can be home and alone. Or i can be out with other people

If you ask me to do something for somebody i will do it.

If you ask me plead and beg me to do something by myself

I will not do it

Because it is



There are more things i imagine are wrong but i don’t know

Lighthouses on at night with no boats around and other things

Because a lighthouse is for one thing, they think




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