please read these

read these words of my heart

finally open, finally willing

no longer afraid of being violated

of my ideas being taken, my mind being raped

i'm no longer afraid

i'm ready to share

to spill forth my secrets

to open my heart

i'm so lonely

i feel so empty

maybe pouring out my soul, through the clicking of my keyboard

will give me the adrenaline, the company i need

i want to be loved

to be held so tightly that the stress just evaporates

so please

take me words

hear my thoughts

like a lifeline i'm desparately reaching for

throwing my emotions to you like caution to the wind



let my words mean something

i feel like i'm screaming

my heart is aching

but from my lips never escapes a sound

who knows why i feel this way

but i do and i need you

to cuddle, to kiss, to hug, to love

to dance with, to adventure with through long drives in the car

to belt each song to the highest degree

off key but who cares, its just you and me

i used to be in love with you but now i'm not

now, i just love you

youre my best friend

hear me

dont leave me

hold my heart


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