Loneliness Is Nothing to Fear


United States

Beside me ever perilous

Stands a figure clear

The wake of every morning

Is outshadowed by him near

He talks of nothing personal

In fact, he doesn't talk at all

He's kept me here, a stranded soul

Lost the senses of it all




Promised me he'd keep me clean


Dreadful now

It's so much safer with him near


Ought to get outside and smell the winter or the summer breeze

What could I expect, in fact, i've never seen the sun or trees

All the while waiting, sleeping, kids are dancing, having fun

Maybe it was time that would pack my things and try to run


I don't like it, it's not for me

Breathing the same oxygen for years

Crying no longer brings out the tears

I don't like it, leave me be


I silence you for days to come, the end of time, and maybe then some

I banish you from my presence, away from me and all that I know

I'm sick and tired of your torture, withering up inside my soul

Like burning hags left out in light, as the morning sun begins to grow

Gone from me

Gone from me

Loneliness no longer here

Take this cursid introvert

And never





And like that

I had found it

A passion to be free

The answer to my happiness, the spell that let me be



The people that I get to meet inspire me with every word

The fact that I have opened up is proof that anyone can learn

To be themselves, don't be afraid, what matters now should not concern

Every person that you meet inspires you in return


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world
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