Loneliness is a phase where people are

Surrounded by the world

The world twirls

With the lonely right in the middle

Like an hurricane's eye

The lonely are the ones not seen as alive

Lonely are the ones who are stuck in a routine of daily task

No emotion, no new mask

Loneliness is world change

People walk around like ghosts

They are there but no one notices

Loneliness creates depression

Lack of confidence

Lack of expression

Just with the fact of being alone

Loneliness drives a person to become uncomfortable

No one listens to what they say

And don't seem to care

All people do is stare

Come on, help the lonely one!

They have feelings

Don't judge them just because they're not you

They want attention

They see 3-dimensions

Shadows lead to darkness

Find a lover, to hangout with

Maybe they will blow you a kiss

Loneliness drives a mind crazy

No one listens to their voice

They feel abandoned

But believe me, it's not their choice

They want to succeed, they want to win

How can one win with everyone minding their own business?

Just open your ears to them and listen

Loneliness creates tears

It can take days, months, even years

Loneliness creates bad thoughts in one's mind

Someone can be kind

But that can't control a person's life

And what they go through

Help lonely strive

Help them more

Being lonely is no fun

Especially if you always want to run

Loneliness is no joke

Being lonely sucks

Help out a friend

Give them your hand

Help them stand

Tall and rise

Think about the good, not the bad

Have fun

Don't run

Open up slowly and feel confident

Put up a smile and everything will be alright!

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Hope you enjoy !


Omg this poem is so true . I'm the person who speaks you i make a lot of people who are shy break out there shell . This describe a lot of people and you made a lot of people including myself eyes open up and a lot of voices be heard,. Very powerful and inspiring messages .Very talented i want to hear more from you because your poetry is very great . Outstanding writers .

Check out my poetry and hopefully i inspire you and others 

keep on writing 


I really like this poem! 

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