The definition of truth is that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality

So, I'm going to be real with you

The true me is who I want to be

The person that you know me as is who I need to be

So please tell me how to sperate one's want's from their need's

Or from reality to dream's

Or from what something is to what something seem's

Should I show you who I am?

No......I'm afraid of what you'll say

Because I've made a comfortable home behind these curtains 

But I'm heading for the danger zone

Playing between a fine line from snatching the identity of whom you think of me or accepting the identity of which I own

I hide behind these curtains because the true me cares of how you see me

I hide behind these curtains because the true me is scared of conflict

I hide behind these curtains because the true me doesn't want you to see what I go through

BELIEVE ME, I want to show you who I am, but you don't understand

I'm locked up in chains .......mentally, however physically It's hard to see tears behind a smiling face

How can I break away from that safety net, when I feel safe

........maybe on day I'll find the courage to show you who I  truely am and risk the possibility of dissapointment

But until then... these closed curtain become my friend

Until  someone can show me how to  sperate want's from need's

Or from who someone really is to whom they seem to be

Until then I'll be waiting ..........





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