Living for Now

I let my fears hold me, keep me in place,

Too afraid to even show my own face, 

I crumbled and shattered, my confidence gone, 

But a little voice was cheering me on,

Telling me it's possible to move on somehow,

"Fear should not keep you from living for now",

Life is amazing and it should not be missed,

What's living without a couple of twists?

Fear is not worth it not now and not ever,

To hold you back from your happy forever,

I've grown and I've changed from who I used to be,

A girl who hid, I am not she,

Fear can't consume me and when I get scared,

All I must do is stay out of its snare,

It's okay to have fear, but to let it stop you,

Is to forget where you came from and what you've been through,

Now go on, be brave, and play your part,

Having lots of courage and a tremendous heart.





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