Is Living that hard?

Criticism and bad vibes

Unless it's Timberland

Don't let the salt thrown affect you

'Cuz at the end of the day, all you have is Shuttlesworth

In'ya corner

Telling you to be better than the next man.


Yea most want the wealth

And some want the fame

But the only way to do it is to not care

Be you

Don't be a clone

That's an Anakan massacre

After having read this

Understand what I'm askin'ya

Be...try your best not to repeat others

Use their ideas to stencil your own

Put down the phone

Casually talk to your mother

Or your grandmother


In all honesty she might not be here too much longer.

Most importantly, have some time with ya'self, meditate, speak to God

Now ya'on the road to true health

True prosperity while carrying the heart of an ambitious child of our Father who art in Heaven, Hallowed be His name

Living by Him, no doubt, will keep you sane.



Have Faith and Be Great

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