Live to Forgive

​Don't ever say that you can not forgive me for what I did to you.

Never say that I sicken you.

For all you know, those are the last words you will ever say to me. 


Yes I screwed up Cara. I completely understand that you are mad about it. 

I loved you like you were my mother. Now I am not sure what to think of you anymore.


"You're not my son, I did not have to take you in."

Yeah that was real nice to hear.

 "Don't call me mom anymore. It sickens me to hear you say that." "Every good memory that I have with you has been tainted. Whenever I look back on them all I can picture is a big lie."

Well is it not just a little weird that you say this to me now? I mean with all the things that you and I have been through...

You helped me figure my shit out, you gave me a sense of purpose, you  helped give me a direction in my life. You gave me a little brother...


And dad, you just sat there and let this woman say these things to me.

I thought you were supposed to prtoect me from stuff like this.

But instead you let this bitch chew me up and spit me out like I was nothing.

I have a better relationship with the family dog than you guys. It feels like I've been abandoned.
Am I just a lost cause in your eyes now? Someone you need to be mad at everyday with a new rant on school, friends, not being social when family is over?
Have you ever once stopped to consider my view of things? I already know that answer.
You two think that just because you are some big medical majors you understand how a teenager works? Just the fact that you read an article makes you all of a sudden understand how I think?
You and I used to be so close. I miss my old family connection.
Not because I was able to get away with things, as Cara seems to think. But the fact that you and I could talk.
Everything was so much easier to talk to you about when she wasn't there. But ever since you two started dating... things began to change.
She has taken over. Though I'm not surprised. You always were a pushover.
Even when mom was with you and she got involved with that stuff.  You know, the prescriptions? You still stayed until one day you had the balls to stand up for yourself.
Kudos to you. You did something that had a good impact on your outcome. 
Well I'm glad that you are happy with where you're at. I'm glad that things in your life are working out just fine for you.
Once I'm gone and out of the house I'm sure you will be a lot happier. 
But to give you fair warning: I will not look back, I will not shed a tear. Don't take it personally you and Cara have crushed that little bit of me that cared. 
I forgive you for the shit you said and did. I guess all I can now do is hope you do the same.
This poem is about: 
My family



Great poem! Seems similar to mine. When you surround yourself with true friends, they become your family.

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