Number your days and letter your words,

Take time to sit and listen to birds,

Nothing can last forever they say,

Live in the moment; live for today.


Time is unending and ticking along,

Soon it will end and beat on its gong,

Don’t waste your life on the meaningless fakes,

Live in the present, whatever it takes.


Things of this world are not all that they seem,

Some come in easy and others we dream,

Care for the things that you hold in your hand,

Live for your worth and believe you can stand.


What you are given has purpose, you see,

Try to believe in the things that could be,

Use all your talent to all that you can,

Live in your triumphs; be your own fan!


Life is a lot more than we choose to think,

We go to our limits, afraid of the brink,

Reach for the highest stars right in your view,

Live for the glow that is dimming on you.


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