Little Toy Guns

On average,

It takes 6-9 minutes

For the police

To respond

After the original call

On average,

It takes, only

3 seconds to pull out a gun 

2 seconds to pull the trigger 

1 second to run far far away

Another Person Dead. Shooter Unknown

Little Toy Guns

One thing ever little boy wants

And they get it to

And play

And play

And play

Learning the techniques

The terms, they ways

Strayed away from 

The quality of realism

He would say

Pow, Pow, Pow

Every time, he pulled the trigger

To the little toy gun

Then one day

That little

Cute, Innocent boy

Grew Up, Just Like

Everyone Else

However, the little boy

Didn't grow up, literally

The little boy, now

Only grown physically 

Went out one day

Two people's lives changed

One's name was Marcus

He trusted the little boy

With one of his guns

The little boy 

Shun with happiness

He playfully pointed the gun at Marcus

And said

Pow, Pow, Pow

The little boy watched Marcus playfully 

Fall to the floor

But it wasn't a game 


Once the little boy realized

Marcus wasn't getting up anytime soon

Little Toy Guns 

Change Lives

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