The Little Things About You

Noretta, you’re the most caring person I know
I put a ring on your finger and you said yes

You stir my emotions as no other woman does
And you treat me with tenderness and love

Sometimes we go for walks in the meadow
And you pick pretty flowers for the vase

Your kisses are like honey on my tongue
I’ll never look dejected and woebegone

I love your rosy cheeks and pearly teeth
And I really enjoy your distinctive laughter

Noretta, you cradle me in my arms like a baby
You make me feel special and comfortable

Please stay beside me every night and day
So I can tell you I-love-you whenever I want

The day I stop beholding your beautiful face,
Darling, I’ll have a breakdown and fall apart

Noretta, I admire the little things about you
And that’s what makes my love for you grow

I couldn’t possibly write this poem for you
Without the inspiration that you’ve given me

Darling, I know that you like what I’m saying
Your smile shows the love you feel for me


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