Little Red and the Wolf named Herald.

"I've seen her M'lord!"

He said

Her skin peeled and even throbed

"I've seen it through her own veil

in which she wore the night this bloody crime even happened."

"Oh? So why not do anything about it?"

King Ierth said.

"Well thats what I'm doing here my

King! Simply consoling you about 

the problem seemed like good judgement."

And he smiled.

And he was smited.

                                                      -Jesters Sonnet-

His name was sir Gerald 

He sometimes went by Harold

But one day his life went grey.


And so did his hair 

And his heir disaproved 

So his life and his wife 

Were thrown away.


One time there was a storm,

A brothy mix of creature 

flown south for the winter

to stay 


But gerald  being human 

and only knowing

men they coerce their

own wives to stay


and one day she got sick,

Oh where the tables have turned,

and she carried one little white



Only tears have

Remained on her

Pale blistered 


But some say that she 

died by the blade.


"Now I am a man

who pays the golden baffon

due to combat by iron for jade."


King Ierth most prominetly said.


"And Gerald for what

you've forgotton I'm 

Sure even Lords 

Could never forgave."

                                                                                                            [Gerald Sleeps]


For these words were spoken

given from the gods and out 

halls that echo'd with shrill.


He killed his wife

because he couldn't fight 

the urge to fight in a war.

But as Cowards do

as cowardice

he wore the sheath (of baffoons) as before.

This poem is about: 
My family


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