Little left to say

Little left was said,

Just memories in our heads.

Bullet to the brain...


Not insane.

Whispers in the dark,

He cried from a broken heart.

Baby all alone...

Momma left this home.

And little left was said...

Just your visions in our heads.

We will never know the truth...

Who's the victim,

us or you.?

But everyday we must move on,

Take each step even when they feel wrong.

What didn't we do?

How did we fail you?

Why did you leave us just like that?

Who's to blame for your last act...

But curtains close,

The show is gone.

Little left to do,

Every task has now been dropped.

Pick up the peices,

Must move on...

Even when there is...

little left to say...

How could you go away?


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